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Our contractor's license (License No. 1057860) from the Contractor State License Board is more than a formality. It serves as a protection for consumers, ensuring that we meet the state's legal and professional standards. This licensing process involves verifying our experience, financial stability, and passing relevant examinations. It assures you, our client, that you are hiring a qualified, knowledgeable, and competent professional.


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The bond we hold signifies our commitment to completing our contracts faithfully. It's a financial guarantee for our clients, providing compensation in the event of incomplete or substandard work.




We take the well-being of our employees and clients seriously. Our comprehensive workers' compensation insurance protects our team in the event of a work-related injury, ensuring they receive proper care and support. Additionally, our liability insurance protects your property, covering any damages or accidents that might occur during the project. This dual insurance coverage exemplifies our commitment to a secure and responsible work environment.




Beyond these credentials, our reputation for trustworthiness and excellence in service speaks volumes. We have built a name synonymous with quality and reliability, as evidenced by our numerous satisfied clients.

By choosing BPC Painting Inc., you're partnering with a company that prioritizes your safety, satisfaction, and the well-being of its team. Our license, bond, comprehensive insurance coverage, and solid reputation are your assurance of our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and care.

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Our Responsibility

License, Bond, Insurance, and Reputation

At BPC Painting Inc., our commitment to responsibility extends beyond our comprehensive licensing, bonding, and insurance; it is also reflected in our sterling reputation.

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