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Meet BPC
Painting inc.

Painting a Brighter Future: Our Mission of Empowerment and Excellence

BPC Painting Inc. was born from a vision to create not just a painting company, but a community where respect, integrity, and opportunity flourish. Founded by Hugo Carranza, who witnessed the struggles of hardworking individuals facing unfair treatment in his youth, our mission extends beyond providing exceptional painting services. We are dedicated to creating job opportunities and fostering a workplace where every team member is valued and heard. Our commitment to excellence in every project is a reflection of our dedication to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

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CEO - Founder

Hugo Carranza

Hugo Carranza, the CEO and founder of BPC Painting Inc., is a dynamic individual whose life is a tapestry of diverse passions and entrepreneurial ventures. Born with a natural curiosity and a vision to make a difference, Hugo has always been driven to explore, innovate, and improve.

His love for animals, especially his racing pigeons, is not just a hobby but a testament to his dedication and commitment. Hugo has turned his passion for these birds into a professional career, competing in high-level one loft races, demonstrating his ability to excel in diverse fields.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Hugo's journey has been marked by the inception and management of several startups. His innate curiosity and visionary approach have been instrumental in identifying opportunities and navigating the challenges of the business world.

At the core of Hugo's life is his family. Happily married, he cherishes the joys of having a beautiful family. His personal life, filled with love and care, mirrors the values he brings to his professional endeavors. The foundation of BPC Painting Inc. is deeply influenced by Hugo's life experiences and values. His leadership is characterized by a blend of professional excellence, a deep sense of empathy, and a commitment to making a positive impact in both his personal and professional communities.

Hugo Carranza is more than just a CEO; he is a mentor, a visionary, and a compassionate human being, constantly striving to leave a mark of excellence in everything he undertakes.

Hugo Carranza

Why Choose Us

Choosing BPC Painting Inc. means supporting a company that stands for more than just quality painting—it's about supporting a vision of a fair and just workplace. We understand the transformative power of a beautifully painted space and are committed to delivering this with every brushstroke. Our team, nurtured in an environment of respect and integrity, brings passion and skill to your project, ensuring results that exceed expectations.

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We adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring honesty and fairness in all our actions. Our commitment to integrity means we're transparent with our clients and respectful in our dealings.



Valuing every individual, we foster a culture of respect within our team and towards our clients. We believe in treating everyone with dignity, understanding, and kindness.



We're dedicated to delivering superior craftsmanship. Our focus on quality ensures that every project is completed with meticulous attention to detail and the highest standard of work.



Embracing technology and creativity, we continuously seek innovative solutions to enhance our services and provide our clients with the best possible experience.



Inspired by our founder's vision, we empower our employees by providing a supportive and growth-oriented work environment. We believe in helping each team member reach their full potential.


Customer Focus

We prioritize our clients’ needs, ensuring satisfaction in every project. Our dedication to customer focus is reflected in our attentive service and commitment to exceeding expectations.

Our Values

Our company is built on the cornerstone of family values, inspired by Hugo's early experiences in advocating for fair treatment and clear communication in his father's workplace. We believe in honesty, respect, and a strong work ethic. These values are reflected in how we treat our clients and our employees, ensuring a culture of trust and mutual respect. We're more than a business; we're a family that looks after each other and our clients with the same care and dedication.

From the beginning, BPC Painting Inc. has been committed to more than just business success. We are deeply invested in creating positive changes in our community and in the environment. This commitment translates into providing sustainable painting solutions, supporting local initiatives, and creating a workplace that empowers and uplifts. Our practices, from using eco-friendly materials to fostering a culture of respect and growth, reflect our dedication to making the world a better place, one paint job at a time.

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Our Founder

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