At BPC Painting, we specialize in more than just commercial and residential painting and cabinet refinishing — we are also the best solution for your metallic epoxy flooring installation. Metallic epoxy floors can give your house or business the kind of lift you’ve been waiting for!

Created with a blend of metallic pigment and our epoxy formula, metallic epoxy floors can transform the flooring in any room into a unique piece of art. Our experience in the profession means we can provide you the quickest service without sacrificing any quality. The primer, color, design, and topcoat all combine to create a finished look that is smooth and glossy with the perfect amount of sparkle. No matter which color or style you choose, no two floors will ever look identical. Use your creativity and imagination to create a floor style that is uniquely yours and give any room an unbeatable facelift. With more than 30 years in the industry, BPC Painting has the tools, techniques, and dedication necessary to transform your space. Get in touch with our team now to learn more about the benefits and pricing of metallic epoxy flooring.